augmented reality technology

PMD-ART systems perform a complete registration of moving objects according to their exact contours. This registration is used to have the object taking control of stage, sound and light effects to allow full interactivity.

Furthermore, the shape and contour of the objects are used to project textures, movies, live-streams on the objects without any disturbing stray light. Matching their contour all textures (videos) follow the object close to real time.

PMD-ART systems are a further development of the systems used for an opera in 2002 by büro+staubach.

Since 2004 André Bernhardt’s system Animiro from reactiveshop GmbH builds the base for complex projection scenarios.

Following progresses in computer hardware and improving software codes with a modular architecture allows fullest flexibility for advanced stage scenarios.

With funding and support of German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy VISTAC GmbH developed and adapted this technology as “KAISER resonant technology” for a complete server solution for theaters, shows and events.

KAISER systems can be remote controlled via various interfaces to allow (bidirectional) midi, DMX, OSC (e.g. Max/MSP), web, etc. control and integration.

KAISER systems are classified from complex stage situations with multiple overlapping objects (3D systems) to plain stage scenarios for multiple objects (2D systems).

PMD-ART allows objects, projections and their interactivity to create a new space, where light, sound and overall control form a new set of realities.